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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Intel OPA Adviser Newsletter May 2018

Intel® Omni-Path Architecture
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The Intel® Omni-Path Architecture Adviser


Connecting You to the World of Advanced High Performance Computing

Intel Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) Adviser, Issue #5, May 2018


Featuring Advancements in High Performance Computing



Intel OPA Customer Highlights


Paderborn University Charges Research with FPGA-Accelerated HPC Cluster

Intel FPGAs provide a high performance, energy efficient option for high performance computing acceleration – independent of the application. Learn about Paderborn University's new FPGA-accelerated cluster-to-be, connected by the intelligent Intel® Omni-Path Architecture.

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Why HPC Matters: Understanding Our Universe

Gravitational wave discovery has been hailed as one of the greatest scientific achievements of the 21st century. Now, the Intel® OPA connected OzSTAR system at Swinburne University is putting gravitational wave data to work to provide clarity for our understanding of the universe.

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Intel OPA in AI

Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) Stampedes into Deep Learning on Intel Omni-Path Architecture

Intel® IT Peer Network Blog

TACC is a pristine model for HPC-based research organizations across the globe. Intel® OPA connects TACC's Stampede2 supercomputer, which supports almost 1300 projects, and thousands of researchers alone. Read more to learn how Intel® OPA connects the dots for deep learning and more at the Texas Advanced Computing Center.

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Image from a simulation on Stampede2 produced by UT Dallas Researchers Christian Santoni  Kenneth Carrasquillo  Isnardo Arenas‐Navarro and Stefano Leonardi

Intel OPA Provides Scalable Deep Learning & AI to Put Business Ahead of Competition


Informational Video

Spending on artificial intelligence is set to exceed $47 Billion by 2020. This means companies will be implementing analysis and forecasting methods that will put them eons ahead of their competition. Watch this brief video to learn how Intel® OPA can put your business ahead of the competition before AI-based analysis saturates industries.

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Intel OPA Webinars


Featured: Intel Omni-Path Architecture Webinar Series

Join us to learn how Intel® Omni-Path Architecture is driving scientific and business insights for organizations across the globe. In our advanced webinar series, viewers learn how to do everything from achieving Intel® OPA performance at scale, to optimizing individual applications such as deep learning and scientific simulations.



New Intel OPA Training for Partners, Resellers, and Customers!

- Where: Anytime, Anywhere!
- How: Instructor Led Skype Sessions, Instructor Led On-Site Sessions, Optional Hands-On Labs, and Quarterly Workshops.
- Sign Up: By contacting an Intel training representative at



Create World-Class Intel Omni-Path Architecture-based Solutions with the Intel Fabric Builders Community

Technologies & Solutions

Experience for yourself some of the world-class technologies and solutions that Intel® Fabric Builders have already created. Whether its high performance computing, artificial intelligence, or high performance data analytics, you can transform it with Omni-Path.

Ecosystem Partners

The Intel Fabric Builders ecosystem provides a collaborative network of partners dedicated to facilitating scientific and business innovation along your side. With Omni-Path Architecture technologies and Intel technical expertise, possibilities are limitless for ecosystem partners.

Join the community here and learn more at the linked icons below



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