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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How to Skip the Wait and Upgrade to Android Nougat Now

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There have been 27 ties in the history of the Summer Olympics wherein two athletes won a gold medal for a given event.

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For The Movie Brave, Pixar Designers Spent Nearly Three Years Studying The Physics Of?
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In the context of I.T., BYOC (short for Bring Your Own Computer) refers to a trend where employees are allowed to bring their own personal computing devices to work to use in performing their job duties.

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How to Turn Your Windows PC Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Windows can turn your PC into a wireless hotspot, allowing it to share its wired or wireless Internet connection with other wireless devices. But how you set it up that depends on what version of Windows you’re running. Here’s how it all works.

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How to Make Your 120Hz or 144Hz Monitor Use Its Advertised Refresh Rate

So you’ve purchased a monitor that offers a 120Hz or 144Hz refresh rate and plugged it in–great! But don’t stop there. Your monitor may not actually run at its advertised refresh rate until you change some settings and sort out your hardware.

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How Do You Create Subfolders in the Windows "Send To" Menu?

Being able to send files quickly and easily to their proper locations via the context menu can help streamline your work flow, but what do you do if you want to add custom subfolders to the mix? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answers to help a reader send his files on their way.

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The Different Types of Light Bulbs You Can Buy, and How to Choose

Energy-efficient light bulbs are a great way to save money on your energy bill, not to mention keep your bulbs lasting longer. But there are multiple kinds of light bulbs out there, and multiple kinds that are energy efficient. Here’s what you should know about the different types of light bulbs and which ones are worth buying.

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How to Skip the Wait and Upgrade Your Nexus to Android Nougat Now

Android Nougat is here, but it’s rolling out to Nexus devices slowly. If you still haven’t gotten the upgrade notification, here’s a little trick to upgrade sooner.

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How to Read and Respond to Android Notifications On Your Mac

Smartphones have quickly become our personal hubs for all notifications, text messages, and other important things–but who wants to type on a tiny keyboard all the time? With this free Mac app you can see all your Android notifications on your Mac, and even respond to them right from the notification itself.

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How to Update Your Xbox One Controller’s Firmware Without an Xbox One

Microsoft regularly releases new firmware updates for its Xbox One controllers, and these updates fix various bugs. But, if you’re using an Xbox One controller with a PC, you won’t be automatically prompted to upgrade your controller’s firmware.

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What Is “Runtime Broker” and Why Is It Running on My PC?

If you’re reading this article, then you probably spotted the Runtime Broker process in your Task Manager window and wondered what it was–and maybe even why it spikes CPU usage sometimes. We’ve got the answer for you.

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Four Excellent Android Nougat Improvements You May Not Know About

Android 7.0 Nougat is another feature-refining build for the OS, with lots of little tweaks and optimizations throughout.  Google covered a lot of the big features when it announced Nougat (then called "Android N"), but today we're going to highlight a handful of features that you may not have already heard about.

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