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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Intel OPA Adviser Newsletter March 2018

Intel® Omni-Path Architecture
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The Intel® Omni-Path Adviser


Connecting You to the World of Advanced High Performance Computing

Intel® Omni-Path Architecture


Featuring Advancements in High Performance Computing



Omni-Path Architecture in High Performance Computing


Newly Illuminated Indicators for Type-2 Diabetes Risk

Recently, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center identified new risk variants for Type-2 Diabetes just by re-analyzing public genetics data with its Intel® OPA connected cluster. Read more to learn how Intel HPC technology enables deeper insights that are overlooked by traditional methods.

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A More Comprehensive Approach to Climate Computing at NASA

To meet the growing complexity of Earth's climate system, NASA is expanding its high performance computing capacity with Intel HPC technologies like Intel® OPA. Read more to learn how NASA is using Intel HPC technology to compute a better understanding of our climate.

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Breakthroughs in CPU-Based Deep Learning at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)


What if you could train a neural network for inference during your coffee break? Well, researchers at TACC achieved record setting, 11 minute training times with larger-than-ever batch sizes via algorithmic optimization. Learn how you can utilize state-of-the-art AI on your existing CPU-based infrastructure here.

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Putting Deep Learning to Work: Science and Engineering Problems Solved at TACC



Scientists at TACC are diligently applying their neural networks to critical science problems like AI-based tumor identification and classification, and outcome-based gene therapies. Read more to learn how TACC's breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are progressing healthcare.

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Omni-Path Webinars


Featured: Get Smart on The Intel® Fabric Builders Program

Join us to learn how the Intel® Fabric Builders program can facilitate your high performance computing deployment efforts. You will hear how the program has evolved, the benefits of being an Intel Fabric Builder, and a look into the future of the program. . .

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Get Started! Enhance Your HPC and AI Productivity with Intel® Software Tools


Intel® Parallel Studio

Students, developers, educators, and analysts are simplifying and accelerating AI and HPC code parallelization using the latest techniques in vectorization, multi-threading, and multinode parallelization with Intel Parallel Studio 2018.

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Intel AI Development Tools

The Intel® AI Academy offers free tools and classes to either get started with AI development, or scale existing frameworks. Take advantage of the complimentary toolkit and course downloads or register for remote access from the Intel® Dev Cloud.

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Create World-Class Intel Omni-Path Architecture-based Solutions with the Intel Fabric Builders Community

Technologies & Solutions

Experience for yourself some of the world-class technologies and solutions that Intel® Fabric Builders have already created. Whether its high performance computing, artificial intelligence, or high performance data analytics, you can transform it with Omni-Path.

Ecosystem Partners

The Intel Fabric Builders ecosystem provides a collaborative network of partners dedicated to facilitating scientific and business innovation along your side. With Omni-Path Architecture technologies and Intel technical expertise, possibilities are limitless for ecosystem partners.

Join the community here and learn more at the linked icons below



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